Beck Row: Family of caravan park murder victim need “to know the truth”

MEMBERS of Shane Hill’s family sat through Christopher Line’s trial and were struck by his total lack of emotion during the case.

Following yesterday’s verdicts Tony Hill, Shane Hill’s stepfather, said: “We looked at him in the dock and in the witness box and we couldn’t believe that someone could stand there completely emotionless knowing what he had done.

“It is one thing to protect a site and another to brutally murder two people like that. He is clearly a danger to society and all I hope is that he never actually comes out of prison.”

Mr Hill, who was in court with Shane’s mother Tonia, brother James and sister Chloe, said the family had been devastated by his death.

However, they were relieved that Line had been found guilty and felt it would give them some sort of closure.

Mr Hill said although the court case was now over, there were still a number of unanswered questions surrounding the events of Shane’s death, such as who had sent him and Mr Castell to Suffolk on March 15 and why they had been sent.

“There are people out there who do know the truth and if anyone does know anything and has some information they should come forward and tell the police,” Mr Hill said.

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He praised the police and those involved in prosecuting Line.

“They have done a wonderful job and I cannot fault them in any way at all,” he added.

Detective Chief Inspector Neil Luckett, of Suffolk police, described the investigation as difficult and said officers had been faced with trying to understand why Mr Castell and Mr Hill had gone to Willow Park, what had happened when they got there and the whole background to the case.

He said the reason for the dispute may never be known but he urged anyone with any information to contact the police.