Beer of the month: Asterism

Burnt Mill has a new beer out and it's Ed Barnes' pick of the month Picture: Ed Barnes

Burnt Mill has a new beer out and it's Ed Barnes' pick of the month Picture: Ed Barnes - Credit: Archant

Beer lover Ed Barnes of Hopsters in Ipswich shares tasting notes for what he thinks is the best brew for June.

Suffolk has become one of the most unlikely hot spots of the craft beer scene. We've got a whole host of incredible craft beer breweries in the area and at the top of that tree is the Burnt Mill Brewery.

Based out in Stowmarket, the Burnt Mill team have just celebrated their second birthday. Now, normally you'd bake a cake, but in this case they have brewed up a batch of their birthday TRIPA (Triple IPA) "Asterism". At 10.5% you'd be forgiven to be thinking that it would be a bit much to deal with but it's one of the very best TRIPAs out there and a pleasure to drink. It's a re-working of their recent West Coast DIPA "Rosetta Cone" that lends itself to the West Coast Style with its sharp, grapefruit/pine flavours but without the murkiness of a modern IPA. It's a touch hazy but the crisp flavour cuts through it to really let the hops sing. And if that one sounds a bit too much, they've been working with the London Fog yeast again to create another hazy dream of an IPA in "Nelson Fog". Both beers are perfect for the spring/summer crossover and should be enjoyed in the Suffolk sun.

Charles, Sophie, Sean and Zoe are creating magic up in Stowmarket on a weekly basis. Their talents have meant they have been invited to collaborate with the best brewers in the world. They have just got back from Denmark where they had created a stunning barrel aged stout with Danish legends Mikkeller. And what a beer it is! I had a sneaky taste upon a visit to the brewery last week and it blew me away. A coffee/whisky imperial stout that is both smooth and full of flavour.

Burnt Mill beers are available at Hopsters on St Nicholas Street and are the best selling brewery in the shop. Pop in and find out why.

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