WATCH: Huge swarm of bees cause a buzz on street corner

A swarm of bees descended onto a street corner in Needham Market, prompting residents to seek shelte

A swarm of bees descended onto a street corner in Needham Market, prompting residents to seek shelter. Picture: RICHARD GERRELL - Credit: Archant

A huge swarm of bees caused a buzz in Needham Market after residents were forced to shelter when hundreds of the insects gathered on a street corner.

Residents of Alexander Drive and Burton Drive were left shocked after the swarm arrived at the corner of the two streets.

A video captured by a passer-by Richard Gerrell shows hundreds of the insects settling near to a bush near to a house in Alexander Drive.

The cluster of bees were trying to find a new home after outgrowing their previous hive according to Kathryn Martin, a nearby beekeeper who was called to the area to assist residents.

Mrs Martin said: “Bees very rarely cause very much bother to people while in swarms.

“They will have outgrown their old hive and will be looking to find a new one. This may be in a tree or a property and they often gather around bushes.

“If anyone sees a swarm of bees or if they settle near your home, you should visit Suffolk Beekeepers’ website where they can type in their postcode and find a nearby beekeeper to assist.

“Depending on where they are, the keeper could remove the bees and use them in a hive.

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“However, if they are in high places that are hard to reach, you may need to call a pest removal service to destroy them, but they will be very reluctant to do so.”

The Needham Market bees quickly moved on without intervention.

However neighbours are expecting to see them again, as their appearance is apparently an annual occurrence.

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