“Best chance this winter” of seeing snow this weekend

Potential for snow this weekend could be the best chance this winter

Potential for snow this weekend could be the best chance this winter - Credit: Archant

Wintry showers could hit Suffolk over the weekend as forecasters warn temperatures will struggle to stay above freezing.

Rain and sleet showers, which could include wet snow, are expected tomorrow morning before a dry afternoon.

But throughout Sunday there is a “30% chance” snow will fall in Suffolk as temperatures plummet to as low as 1C (33F).

Phil Garner, forecaster at Weatherquest, said: “There is a little line of showers – rain, sleet and if heavy enough wet snow – between 9am and 11am on Saturday, but this will clear away for a dry afternoon.

“On Sunday there is a feature coming up from the south. It probably won’t affect Suffolk. In the eastern part of Essex, rain and sleet could turn to snow at times.

“It will be on and off for most of the day. I wouldn’t say there was no chance (the snow will not hit Suffolk). There is around a 30% chance of snow.

“A more prolonged spell could lead to some accumulation. If we get snow (driving conditions) could be very tricky.

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“The best temperature on Saturday will be around 5C (41F). On Saturday night it will struggle to get higher than 2C (36F) or 3C (37F).”

He said on Sunday temperatures could be between 1C (33f) and 2C (36F), adding: “Stay tuned to the weather forecast. It is not too much of a problem at the moment but things can change quickly this time of year.”

Earlier, Chris Bell, another forecaster at Weatherquest, said there is a possibility for more wintry weather on Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

He said: “It’s not a situation where anyone is guaranteed any snow, but we have a better chance of seeing it more widespread over the next week more than have had at any point this winter or last.

“It’s not a certainty there will be snow because we have had a mild winter and temperatures have been well above average, but the first chance is on Saturday night.”