Can you answer these 50 questions? Take part in our Big Suffolk Quiz

How well do you know Suffolk? Picture: Zakary Walters

How well do you know Suffolk? Picture: Zakary Walters - Credit: Archant

Think you know Suffolk? Try these 50 questions to test your knowledge.

How many Suffolk Punches are there in the UK? Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN

How many Suffolk Punches are there in the UK? Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN - Credit: Archant

Over the weekend we put these 50 questions out through our EADT Daily podcast.

You can still listen to them now, in parts one and two.

Or, if you’d prefer we’ve also published the questions in full below, with the answers at the end of this story.

We have to say a big thank you to the Alde and Ore Estuary Trust, because these questions formed the Save our Suffolk Estuary Quiz in 2017, which raised money for vital flood defences.

An aerial picture of Framlingham Castle Picture: English Heritage

An aerial picture of Framlingham Castle Picture: English Heritage - Credit: Archant

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They kindly agreed to let us use the questions, written by Mark Nicholls, to help provide some entertainment to our readers during the coronavirus lockdown.

Let us know how you many you got right in the comments. And to support the Alde and Ore Trust, visit their website.


1. Suffolk has exactly twice as many round churches as it does rivers. Is the number of rivers 7,11,15 or 19?

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2. What is the highest point in Suffolk?.....a)  Dunwich heath coastguard cottages, b)  Beacon Hill Martlesham,  c) Newmarket ridge,  d ) the trig point at Little Blakenham six miles NW of Ipswich.

3. Which concrete structure 43 metres high and built to a design approved by the Royal Fine Art commission featured in the 1987 cold war drama the Fourth Protocol ?

The world famous Snape Maltings Concert Hall viewed through the structure of the Henry Moore sculptu

The world famous Snape Maltings Concert Hall viewed through the structure of the Henry Moore sculpture which stands beside the reed beds. Picture: Lucy Taylor

4. How many islands are there in Suffolk?

5. To the nearest 50 how many Suffolk Punches are there in the UK?

6. On which island in the USA is Suffolk County?

7. Is the correct spelling Hazlewood Marsh or Hazelwood Marsh?

An aerial shot of the flooded Hazlewood Marshes near Aldeburgh Picture: MIKE PAGE

An aerial shot of the flooded Hazlewood Marshes near Aldeburgh Picture: MIKE PAGE - Credit: Archant

8. What is the name of the official Suffolk county flower?

9. The latin name for a tree often seen growing alongside our rivers is ALNUS. What is its English name? 10. What is the name given to the area, centred on Thetford and stretching almost down to Bury St Edmunds, which is the largest lowland forest in the UK?

11. When was the Jubilee Hall in Aldeburgh built?

12. Whose elder brother died over Blythburgh on August 12th 1944 when piloting an American ‘Liberator’ bomber on a top secret mission. What was the name of the famous younger brother?

13. During which King’s reign was Orford Castle built?

14. What R was a famous agricultural machinery construction business based in Ipswich for 200 years until bought by the US conglomerate Textron in 1998?

15. In which year was the Ipswich southern bypass, including the Orwell Bridge, opened?

16. Brothers Thomas and John, both buried in Suffolk, were famous anti-slavery campaigners. What was their surname?

17. The Sutton Hoo ship burial dates from which century?

18. Who stayed at Beach House, Felixstowe in the 1930s whilst awaiting a divorce from her second husband and before a third rather contentious marriage?

19. Francis Drake’s flagship, the Golden Hind, was built at Slaughden. But what was its original name?

Ostrich, Pelican, Flamingo or Emu?

20. What memorial on Sizewell beach was unveiled in 2011 to commemorate a 70th anniversary?

21. Which Dickensian ‘P’ stayed at the Great White Horse Inn, Ipswich? And which Dickensian ‘P’ lived at Yarmouth? (half point each)

22. What was first performed in Coventry Cathedral on May 30th 1962?

23. What was the real name of the author who took his name from one of Suffolk’s bridges?

24. Both Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth have sculptures in front of the Snape Maltings concert hall. Which was the elder of the two sculptors?

25. The sculpture near the Corn Exchange in Ipswich, whose subject looks up at the window where its  cartoonist creator worked, is of whom?

26. Who translated the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, and lived in and around Woodbridge for much of his life?

27. The late 18th century portrait painter Mary Beale has a large collection of her work in which Bury St Edmunds museum?

28. In which year was the Latitude festival first held?

29. What are the names of the two famous young singers educated at schools in Framlingham?

30. What was the name of the film by Peter Hall, made in 1974, based on a book on life in a Suffolk village by Ronald Blythe?

31. Who holds the record for the most appearances for Ipswich Town FC?

32. Which West Indian born cricketer who played for England also played minor counties cricket for Suffolk?

33. What number do you get if you add the number of players in a netball team, the length of a cricket pitch in feet and the number of squares on a chess board?

34. From which card game to the terms ‘pegging out’ and ‘winning by a street’ come from?

35. Which is Suffolk’s oldest golf course?

36. Name the activities pertinent to the following three words:

a. sheet, halyard, tiller

b. float, hawk, thistle

c. skillet, rosemary, curdle

d. love, set, tramline

e. olive, elbow, flux.

37. In ‘Jaws’ which character said ‘you’re gonna need a bigger boat’? 

38. Which King founded Newmarket racecourse?

39. Tom’s father has 5 sons named Ten, Twenty, Thirty, Forty… what is the 5th son called?

40. Where is the source of the River Alde.....Badingham, Cratfield, Brundish, Laxfield or Peasenhall ?

41. What animal is a flittermouse in old Suffolk?

42. There are 9600 acres of land of all sorts behind the Alde and Ore estuary defences. To the nearest 10 miles, how many miles of footpaths would disappear if all the flood defences went ?

43. Orford Ness is Europe’s longest vegetated spit. To the nearest mile, how long is it?

44. What number are you left with if you divide 60 by a quarter and add 5?

45. Spell Snape in the phonetic alphabet.

46. A typical Lowestoft ‘Herring Girl’ could gut how many herring in a minute on average?.....10, 20, 40 or 80?

47. What do the villages Ampton, Horseheath and Higham all have in common?

48. What is the difference between a gaggle and a skein ( pronounced skayne) of geese?

49. There’s only one property on the monopoly board south of London’s river. What is it?

50. How many motorway service stations are there within a ten mile radius of the Toys ‘R Us roundabout at the Copdock Exchange?


1. 19

2. Newmarket Ridge.....(Great Wood Hill)

3. Orwell bridge

4. ONE...Havergate island

5. 300.

6. Long island.

7. Hazlewood.

8. Oxlip.

9. Alder.

10. The Brecks (or Breckland)


12. JF Kennedy.

13. Henry II.

14. Ransomes.

15. 1982.

16. Clarkson.

17. 7th century AD

18. Wallis Simpson.

19. Pelican.

20. The successful escape from Nazi-occupied Holland of 32 canoeists to Sizewell beach in 1941. (accept Dutch canoeists).

21. Pickwick and Peggotty.

22. Benjamin Britten’s war requiem.

23. Eric Blair.

24. Henry Moore........born 1898. (Hepworth born 1903).

25. Grandma ( Giles).

26. Edward Fitzgerald.

27. Moyses Hall museum.

28. 2006.

29. Laura Wright and Ed Sheeran.

30. Akenfield.

31. Mick Mills.

32. Devon Malcolm.

33. 137.

34. Cribbage.

35. Felixstowe.

36. a. sailing; b. plastering; c. cooking; d. tennis; e. plumbing.

37. Chief Brody.

38. Charles II.

39. Tom.

40. Laxfield.

41. A bat.

42. 60 miles of footpaths.

43. 10 miles.

44. 245.

45. Sierra, November, Alpha, Papa, Echo.

46. 40.

47. Point-to-Point racing. (accept horse-racing).

48. A gaggle is on the ground; a skein is in flight.

49. The Old Kent Road.

50. None. (there are no motorways in Suffolk).

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