Blair 'fully supports' murders inquiry

PRIME Minister Tony Blair has given his full support to police in dealing with the “horror” of the murders of five prostitutes in Ipswich.He told the Commons there was an “entirely understandable fear” in the local community sent his sympathy to the people of Suffolk and relatives of the victims.

By Graham Dines

BRITAIN'S political leaders have joined forces to support Suffolk police in their hunt for the killer of the five murdered Ipswich prostitutes.

The House of Commons listened in sombre silence as Ipswich Labour MP Chris Mole spoke of the “horror” of events and asked the Prime Minister to express sympathy with the families and friends of the “five young women who have disappeared from in and around Ipswich.”

Mr Mole added: “Will you express confidence in the Suffolk police and the other East of England police services in their ability to work together and the resources available to them, in order to bring this vile murderer to justice as soon as possible.”

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Mr Blair said the Government supported the police in dealing with the horror of the situation. “The whole House will want to send its sympathies to the people of Ipswich and the people of the county of Suffolk and particularly to the friends and family of the victims.

“I assure My Hon. Friend that we will do everything we can to support the police in the difficult and challenging work they do and I have every confidence that they will perform their task well.”

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Conservative leader David Cameron said: “We all want this monster to be caught and locked up.”

Liberal Democrat leader Sir Ming Campbell said it was clear that there was a link between poverty, prostitution and drug abuse.

Mr Blair said there could be a link. “There may be lessons we have to learn from these terrible events, but those lessons are best learned in a considered and not reflex way.

“Our priority has got to be to find the person responsible and to give our support to the police.”

Sir Ming pressed the Prime Minister for a “wholesale review” of the law to ensure everything could be done to ensure women's safety.

Later, Mr Mole said: “The term 'unprecedented' has been used to describe the quantity and pace of the murders and this is what is causing grave concern.

“We have someone who is clearly prepared to who is clearly prepared to kill with impunity and this has taken everyone by surprise.

“Any police force would be struggling with such a sequence - and we must not forget there was a murder at an Ipswich nightclub last week.

“The co-operation from other police forces has been gratifying. I have been assured by the Home Office minister in charge of policing Tony McNulty that the Government is providing all the necessary help for Suffolk.

“I have spoken to the minister in charge of the pathology service to ensure there are no delays in analysing toxicology and pathological data for the victims.”

Mr Mole added: “My job as the town's MP is to ensure there are no hitches in the line of communication between the Home Office and Suffolk Police.”

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