BMI St Edmunds: Taking the pain out of paying for private health treatment


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With more people than ever before looking to pay for treatments outside the NHS, most of the UK’s major private hospital groups are now offering flexible finance options.

However, the majority charge fees to set up the finance options or have short interest free periods thereafter. But BMI Healthcare is looking to do something different and put choice back in the hands of its patients.

“BMI Healthcare is the UK’s largest private hospital group and we truly believe in making sure that everyone is aware of the healthcare choices available to them,” explained Peter Lord, executive director at BMI St Edmunds Hospital.

“That doesn’t mean bypassing the NHS but making patients aware of all their options. In the past few years we have seen an increasing number of restrictions within the NHS on procedures, such as cataract surgery, varicose vein treatments and hip and knee replacements.

“On top of that there is the ever-increasing demand for vasectomy reversals as well as cosmetic treatments – both from men and women.

“For us it’s all about making sure patients with private medical insurance let their GP know that they can be referred into the private sector and that patients, who don’t have insurance are aware that there is always the option to self-pay,” Mr Lord added.

There are many reasons why some people might not have private medical insurance but that does not mean there will not be some treatments they are willing to pay for. The BMI Card gives patients more options when self-funding private healthcare by allowing patients to spread the cost of treatment with 12 months’ interest-free credit and a representative APR of 9.9% APR (variable) thereafter.

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It provides patients with another option to pay for private healthcare if they are not medically insured or the treatment they need is restricted or not available on the NHS.

The card is also suitable for people who already have private medical insurance, but whose policy will not cover a particular treatment they want.

“One of the main differences with the BMI Card is that, unlike some other providers, the finance is obtained directly through BMI Healthcare rather than a loans provider,” explained Mr Lord. “The BMI Card allows patients access to the medical care they need with a credit limit to suit them.

“It helps make healthcare more affordable by allowing patients to spread the cost of their treatment and, with 12 months’ interest-free credit, helps to make private healthcare accessible to more people than ever before.”

For more information on the ‘Pay for Yourself’ options available at BMI Healthcare or the BMI Card please visit: or call: 0800 096 2695

* Credit limit available with BMI Card is subject to an individual applicant’s credit status

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