BNP candidates to stand in Suffolk

A RECORD number of BNP members will be standing for election in Suffolk next month with three candidates seeking votes.

Elliot Furniss

A RECORD number of BNP members will be standing for election in Suffolk next month with three candidates seeking votes.

The British National Party has representatives on the ballot paper for Ipswich's Chantry and Bridge divisions as well as the Thedwastre North division in the Mid Suffolk district.

Last night, Eddy Butler, the BNP's eastern region representative, said the increase in candidates was good news for the party with the “ripples of discontent” among the UK population starting to reach Suffolk.

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He said: “Obviously it's an improvement. We'd like more but it's a good start. I'm sure we will get healthy votes as the candidates will be doing quite a bit of work there.”

In its current election manifesto, the BNP calls for an immediate halt to all further immigration into the UK, Britain's withdrawal from the EU and the “selective exclusion” of foreign-made goods from British markets and the reduction of foreign imports.

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However, last night the leaders of the two main parties represented on the council said they had “no time” for the BNP and its politics.

Jeremy Pembroke, council leader and head of the Conservative group, said he had “great faith” that the people of Suffolk would send the BNP packing with a “bloody nose”.

He said: “My belief is that the people of Suffolk will ignore them. Suffolk people are decent people with common courtesy and good manners.

“I have no time for them (the BNP) or what they stand for and I believe that my views will be shared with the other political leaders. I hope the people of Suffolk will give them a bloody nose.

“We are a multicultural society and we have people in this county doing an enormous amount of good work, not only for themselves but for charity and community, from all sorts of backgrounds.”

Julian Swainson, leader of the council's Labour group, said the BNP only offered “hatred and racism” and he dismissed their prospects in the upcoming election.

He said: “They haven't, in the past, been electorally significant in this part of the world. I despise the BNP and everything it stands for.

“I think they are bigots and racists and they have not changed over the years - they're just a little bit more stately in their presentation.

“I'm not worried about their chances in this election.”

Mr Butler said the accusations and claims from the rival parties would not deter BNP members from campaigning and standing.

He said: “The people don't listen to them - their claims and accusations are far from the truth. It doesn't deter us in the slightest - it's a mark of our success.”

The Suffolk County Council elections will take place on June 4, the same day as the European Parliament election.

All 63 of the council's divisions will be contested on the day and for more information visit

Thedwastre North Division: Judy Broadway (Lib Dem), Stephen Carlton-Walker (Ind), David Hill (Lab), John Jones (BNP) and Jane Storey (Con)

Bridge Division: Rick Deeks (Green), Louise Gooch (Lib Dem), Euan Priddy (BNP), Bryony Rudkin (Lab) and James Spencer (Con)

Chantry Division (two councillors to be elected): Dennis Boater (BNP), Nadia Cenci (Con), Peter Gardiner (Lab), Keith Rawlingson (Lab), Robert Tiffen (Lib Dem), Paul West (Con) and Alison Williams (Lib Dem)

Lowestoft South Division (two councillors to be elected): James Harrison (Green), Jane Hore (Lab), Rosemary Hudson (Lib Dem), Deanna Law (Con), Michael Liddiment (Green), Bill Mountford (UKIP), Jamie Starling (Con), Julian Swainson (Lab), Chris Thomas (Lib Dem)

Cosford Division: Steve Buckingham (Lab), Jeremy Pembroke (Con) and Duncan Read (Lib Dem)

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