Body recovered from the sea

A DEAD body has been recovered from the sea off Harwich.

A DEAD body has been recovered from the sea off Felixstowe.

A crewman - a 49-year-old Latvian national - was reported missing, presumed overboard, at 3am from the ship Baltic Sky 1 which was anchored eight miles off Felixstowe.

It is believed the victim was an engineer on the 23,235 gross tonne tanker carrying a combination of chemicals and oil.

Lifeboats from Walton and Aldeburgh and air sea rescue helicopters from Wattisham and Dover joined the search.

The body was found at 10.15am this morning just a mile from where the search started and flown to Ipswich Hospital where he was pronounced deceased at 11.26am.

The Echo November spotter plane which is usually involved in counter pollution monitoring was also utilised to assist in the search due to its electronic search equipment.

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Dave Mantripp, acting watch manager at Thames Coastguard, said: “Thames Coastguard coordinated an incident this morning involving a Latvian national who had fallen overboard from a tanker anchored off Felixstowe.

“The rescue helicopter located the casualty within seven minutes of beginning his search, which is a credit to both the crew and the effectiveness and appropriation of the search planning.

“Sadly, the crew member was later pronounced deceased at Ipswich hospital.”

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