Suffolk 007 lookalike fears work will dry up as Daniel Craig retires

Steve Wright, a Daniel Craig 007 lookalike, who has had all his appearances cancelled due to the lat

Steve Wright, a Daniel Craig lookalike, fears he'll lose work when the Bond star retires from the role - Credit: Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

A Bury St Edmunds Daniel Craig lookalike fears his work will dry up, as the star retires from his role as James Bond.

Steve Wright, who has worked as a 007 doppelganger for more than a decade, said No Time To Die's release meant he was currently busy with bookings but he soon expected his popularity to drop off.

He said: "Inevitably I'm not going to be as popular. People obviously want the current Bond, but I've been been 007 for the last 14 years so I'm happy to pass on the mantle.

"The same thing has happened to the Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan lookalikes after all."

Since Mr Wright's ex-wife noted the similarity between him and the Casino Royale star, his lookalike work has taken him to far-flung locations from Monaco to South Africa.

Steve Wright, a Daniel Craig 007 lookalike, who has had all his appearances cancelled due to the lat

Mr Wright had dozens of jobs cancelled when No Time To Die was delayed during the coronavirus pandemic - Credit: Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

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He said: "It has been busy, though not as busy as the previous film launches. 

"It's only now we're really getting events inside restarting — so that's slowed it down. Any film launch is big for relevant lookalikes though.

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"I have work this weekend doing the opening at cinemas, then I'm doing a private showing for a company, and I have a vodka advert coming up for a major supermarket — I can't say which."

According to Alive Network, it costs £577 plus travel costs to book Mr Wright for a two hour "mix and mingle". For nearly £2,000 more a five piece stunt team can be added to the booking.

Mr Wright said the key to doing a Daniel Craig impression was to "speak slowly and directly to a person — especially a lady — and remember to give a few choice compliments".

"Working as a lookalike has given me access to events normal people do not get to go to", he added. 

"It's definitely work, going into a room of 500 people and being told, 'right, go mix and mingle and entertain the guests'.

"It's even some people's worst nightmare — but after I got into the swing of it and learned how to enjoy it, I started to look forward to it."

Mr Wright said he sometimes is recognised while working in his day job.

He said: "When I'm at my day job as a photographer people sometimes comment that I look a bit like Daniel Craig — but it's much more obvious when I'm dressed up.

"I work with a Gordon Ramsay lookalike, and he's the spitting image, he's always getting attention — I like that I'm undercover because I couldn't handle it 24/7."

Steve Wright, a Daniel Craig 007 lookalike, who has had all his appearances cancelled due to the lat

Wright has multiple prop guns for playing Bond, including a blank firing Walther PPK - Credit: Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Mr Wright added that he would not necessarily be a good spy in real-life.

"It depends what level it was at," he said. 

"I'd be very good at bluffing my way into places, but I wouldn't be so great at the hand to hand combat and the shooting people.

"If you ask a real secret agent they'll tell you it's much more mundane than Bond."

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