Your reaction to Boris Johnson’s roadmap out of lockdown plans

Following on from the Prime Minister’s update on Sunday evening, readers have been sharing their views on Mr Johnson’s plans for what happens next.

Thousands tuned in to hear Prime Minister Boris Johnson talk about his plans for the lockdown in England on Sunday evening with some small changes being proposed over the next few months as well as a message of staying alert replacing calls to stay at home.

The speech has caused a great deal of debate across the country including among readers of this newspaper.

Mr Johnson is set to outline his plans more formerly in a 50 page document today in the House of Commons.

Many readers hoped that there would be more clarity forthcoming, following last night’s speech, and were concerned how some people may react to the plans.

Sarah Baalham said: “What changes?

“I have absolutely no idea what we’re “allowed” to do now and how it’s different from yesterday.”

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Kerry Sutton said: “Not enough emphasis that we still need to stay at home.

“Can see most people taking this as a green light to do whatever they want.”

Chriss Perkins said: “Sorry I am even more confused, he has said that people should go back to work tomorrow, what happens if the work they do is sending items etc. to shops that are not even open yet, not at all clear.”

Some praised Mr Johnson’s speech and his Government for working in difficult conditions.

Ben Lord said: “Clear, balanced and detailed.

“However social media will now become experts in this despite how unprecedented it is and a landscape similar to the House of Commons. “After almost two months, this statement was required but frankly, we are where we are and the government continue to do the very best it can given there’s no textbook references on how to do this.”

Kate Mahatme said: “Good speech and ideas, now we just need Jo Blogs the public to still be sensible and stay home.”

Rodney Norman said: “Won’t know properly until he gives full details in the Commons tomorrow but on the face of it good baby step process to slowly and steadily get us out of lockdown.”

In the build up to Mr Johnson’s speech devolved governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland had made clear their views on what should happen next. Some readers felt guidance elsewhere was clearer.

Josie Finch said: “I’m listening to Nicola Sturgeon.

“She seems to be taking the situation seriously with clear advice.”

Shirlee Cutts said: “I wish I could move to Scotland, I think Nicola sturgeon is actually right about this.”

One of the proposed changes made by Mr Johnson was that schools should be able to open to some of the youngest pupils next month.

Some were not convinced that this was a safe option.

Michelle Mansell said: “Let’s put the school kids with the least understanding of social distancing back first.

“Surely this is madness.”

Lindsey Auchincloss said: “Schools should not reopen before September.”

Barry-john Robinson said: “I’m definitely not sending my kids back until we are at level zero.”

Further detail on the proposed changes to lockdown is expected to be revealed when Mr Johnson addresses the House of Commons at around 3.30pm.

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