Boxford: Speed restriction campaigner fined for ‘causing an obstruction’

Speed campaigner fined

Speed campaigner fined

The owner of Europe’s oldest recorded working garage has hit out after he received a fine for parking outside his property.

Howard Watts, who runs Riddelsdell Brothers Ltd in Boxford, claims motorists speeding through the village are putting customers and pedestrians at risk, and he is pushing to get traffic calming measures installed. The business, which was established in 1900, still serves petrol to customers on a forecourt at its Ellis Street premises.

When the parish council declined to back Mr Watts’ call for speed restrictions, he parked his car in front of the property in a bid to slow traffic. He said: “My forecourt goes right to the kerb and is used by mums with pushchairs.

“I have become so concerned about people coming round the corner at speed that I parked my car with a couple of wheels on the road to slow the traffic. There are no yellow lines and I own the forecourt, so I was extremely surprised when a PCSO turned up and slapped a ticket on it and fined me £30 for unnecessary obstruction.”

Sgt Kevin Horton said police had received complaints about parking issues causing a potential obstruction to other road users near the junction of Ellis and Ash Street. “Under The Highway Code it is an offence to park within ten metres of a junction and as a result, officers will issue tickets as appropriate,” he said.