Braintree: Crackdown on cigarette butts at train stations


Cigarette - Credit: PA

COUNCIL bosses have launched a smoking related litter campaign aimed at rail passengers to bin their butts.

Braintree District Council’s initiative aims to raise awareness that cigarette ends are litter, so dropping them in the street is a criminal offence and those caught could be fined £75.

Figures show more than 2,500 cigarette ends were counted at the district’s two main stations.

Wendy Schmitt, cabinet member for place, said: “Simply dropping your butt on the floor is unacceptable and easily avoidable as there are cigarette and litter bins to use outside the station. It makes the place look dirty and untidy.

“Cigarette butts can take up to 12 years to break down, and are harmful to our environment and a danger to wildlife.

“There are many responsible smokers out there who dispose of their butts carefully and I applaud them.

“But again, like other litter issues, it is the few who spoil things.”

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The campaign will be running for a month and will see enforcement officers on patrol at both Braintree and Witham station issuing fixed penalty notices to those caught in the act.

Posters will be on display at Braintree station reminding smokers to dispose of butts in proper litter bins.

Mrs Schmitt added: “Interestingly there is a plant pot directly next to a bin at one of our stations, and when we counted the number of cigarette ends in it, there were hundreds of them in the pot.

“Needless to say the plant was almost dead.

“If people choose to put their butt out in a plant pot, why can’t they use a proper bin?”