ASICS advert showing people doing star jumps on railway removed after police criticism

Stock image of a railway track. Picture: ARCHANT LIBRARY

Stock image of a railway track. Picture: ARCHANT LIBRARY - Credit: Getty Images

A leading sports brand has removed a video advert showing people doing star jumps on a railway track after criticism from the region’s police officers.

ASICS UK said it would take down the video published on Twitter, which showed a brief clip of an exercise group taking their workout to a railway, after British Transport Police (BTP) officers in East Anglia complained it was “irresponsible advertising”.

Officers from the BTP East Anglia account had Tweeted the firm to say: “Very irresponsible advertising here. Star jumps in the 4 foot?

“We know it was probably filmed on a disused line (before someone points that out) but this isn’t the point.

“Railways are an incredibly dangerous place with many hazards, not the sort of place for a work out @ASICSUK.”

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That was followed up with a Tweet from the BTP’s national account, which said: “Training on the tracks, or just being on the tracks is incredibly dangerous.

“Disused track or not, it’s disappointing that you’re promoting this kind of behaviour which, if copied, could lead to a tragedy.”

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ASICS UK has been contacted by this newspaper for comment.

But in a Tweet in reply, the company said: “ASICS adheres to strict guidelines to ensure we promote exercising in a safe and responsible way.

“Whilst this video content was made in a safe and controlled environment in France, we acknowledge that parts of the video may appear to have been filmed in an unsafe environment.”

In another Tweet, the company added: “This content will be removed from our channels for review and to ensure it meets our safety guidelines going forward.”

ASICS produces sports equipment and clothing.

The BTP, which polices trains, railway stations and tracks across the country, has long had campaigns running aimed at discouraging people trespassing on lines.

As part of its You vs Train campaign this year, the organisation said: “Hundreds of people each year unintentionally take on the railway and lose.

“The railway is full of hidden dangers. If you’re not hit by an unexpected train, you’ll be hit by the lethal current in the rails and power lines.

“Everyone loses when you step on the track.”

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