Bromeswell: Calls for road improvements after fatal crash

COMMUNITY leaders last night called for urgent improvements to the dangerous junction where 20-year-old Laureen Hammond was killed.

The young care worker died in a collision on the B1083 at the Hollesley junction, close to Rock Barracks and the National Trust’s centre at Sutton Hoo.

It is not the first fatality on that stretch of road and members of the local community have been campaigning for years to try and get improvements.

Margaret Emmens, 72, of Hollesley, was killed in January 2005 in a three car collision.

Suffolk County Council launched a safety review and made some improvements - but locals feel they did not go far enough.

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Roger Buswell, chairman of Shottisham Parish Council, said: “ This has been an ongoing issue for years.

“There have been a number of accidents there and near misses. Really we need something similar to what has happened at the Eyke/Orford turning.

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“By putting an extra piece of road in and creating a triangle of land they have made the traffic approach at right angles, which forces people to slow down and stop.”

The road is such a concern that former county councillor for the area, Rosemary Clarke, who passed away at Christmas, had been keeping a log of all the accidents.

She had urged local residents to make their feelings known about the road.

George Franks, chairman of Sutton Parish Council, said: “We have been concerned about the road for 20 years or more.

“Rosie Clarke was very helpful in trying to put pressure on the highways people to get something done. It resulted in some very minor improvements. But is doesn’t alter the fact that the cars don’t come to a halt.

“It’s a terribly dangerous junction. Most people have to make sure they go very slowly. It is not the first fatality we have had and I don’t know how many more we will have to have before they do something about it.”

Christine Block, Suffolk Coastal district councillor for Sutton ward, said: “People have been making representations about how dangerous that road is for a very long time. It’s a huge anxiety and very dangerous. It’s a real accident black spot.”

A spokeswoman for Suffolk County Council said: “Following a fatal accident in January 2005, suggested improvements were made four months later.

“There is now additional signage and road markings and improved visibility at the junction.

“Suffolk County Council monitors all accidents on Suffolk roads and takes action where necessary.”

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