Brothel owner,46, denies raping girls

TWO girls who claim they were raped by an Ipswich brothel owner passed out after being plied with drinks and woke to find him having sex with them, it has been alleged.

One of the alleged victims, a 17-year-old waitress, felt “woozy” after being given drinks by Mark Carroll and his partner Malika Bacon and had passed out after Bacon allegedly tried to kiss her, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

The teenager, who had gone back to the couple’s house after they invited her to a party, woke to find she was naked and that Bacon was performing a sex act on her.

“She was incapable of movement and speech,” said Lindsay Cox, prosecuting. “She simply couldn’t do anything and she passed out again.

“She is of the view she’d been given something in her drink or a cigarette to render her incapable,” he added.

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She woke a second time to allegedly find Carroll having sex with her and had then passed out again.

When she woke for a third time she found that she was dressed again and was driven home by Bacon.

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The second alleged victim, who was 15, met Bacon and Carroll in a park in the early hours of the morning after she had stormed out of her home following a row with her mother.

The couple invited her to go home with them and allegedly gave her alcohol and cannabis cigarettes.

They allegedly told her they were “pimps” and the girl had felt drowsy and had been sick before passing out.

She had woken up to find a man undressing her before getting on top of her and having sex with her.

“She felt she had been drugged by something in her drink or something she’d been given to smoke,” said Mr Cox.

Carroll, 46, of Turret Lane, Ipswich, has denied raping the 17-year-old girl in February 2006 and the other girl in December 2008.

Bacon, 28, of Woodbridge Road, Ipswich, has denied an offence of assault by penetration in respect of the 17-year-old.

Mr Cox said the 17-year-old girl had initially met Bacon and Carroll while she was working as a waitress and had gone to work for Bacon as a receptionist at her massage parlour called Aquarius.

However, she had discovered it was a brothel and had left after being asked to take part in “other sorts of activities” that went on there.

Several months later she had bumped into the couple again and had agreed to go home with them after they told her they were having a party.

Mr Cox said the defendants were professional partners in the running of Aquarius and were also in a relationship with each other outside work.

After her arrest Bacon claimed that sexual activity with the 17-year-old girl had been consensual.

Carroll had denied having sex with either girl. The trial continues today.

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