BT offer staff holidays for pay cuts

WORKERS at BT have been offered the chance to take long-term holidays if they agree to pay cuts, it has been announced.

WORKERS at BT have been offered the chance to take long-term holidays if they agree to big pay cuts, it has been announced.

Staff have been offered one option to take a year off work while earning just a quarter of their salary, as the company look to reduce its wage bill to help avoid redundancies.

The remainder of their wages would be paid as an up-front payment, a spokesman for the company said.

BT is one of the largest private employers in the UK with more than 100,000 staff, many based at Adastral Park in Martlesham Heath.

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But the economic downturn has not left the company unaffected, posting a �1.3 billion loss for the first three months of the year.

Employees have also been offered a one-off payment of �1,000 if they agree to go part-time.

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Parents will also have the opportunity to cut their hours to school term times, to allow them to spend time with their children, a spokesman said.

A company spokesman said: “BT is known for its progressive human resources policies with flexible working.

“Being one of the largest employers in the UK I think this is an extremely progressive way of managing costs during a recession, rather than making redundancies.”

The company said it had “a tradition of innovation for flexible working practices,” including home-working, sabbaticals and secondments.

“These are innovative ways to help keep employees during these tough economic times,” the spokesman added.

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