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Travel from Grootfontein to Cape Town with Dragoman. Picture: Dragoman

Travel from Grootfontein to Cape Town with Dragoman. Picture: Dragoman - Credit: Archant

Take the trip of a lifetime with Dragoman and Imaginative Traveller.

Dragoman truck at sunset on Silk Road. Picture: Dragoman

Dragoman truck at sunset on Silk Road. Picture: Dragoman - Credit: Archant

Many individuals love travelling, basking in the idea of seeing new countries and experiencing new cultures, however there are others who desire to see the world in a slightly different, more off-the-grid, kind of way.

If this is you, its time to step away from your usual city-break destinations and instead take the road less travelled with Dragoman.

Based at Camp Green in Debenham, Dragoman was founded in 1981. The travel company is now one of the longest established overland specialist tour operators in the world, best known for their iconic orange trucks which allow its travellers to venture away from the tourist trail and immerse themselves in the whole country they’re visiting, not just its highlights.

Covering overland tours all over the Americas, Africa and Asia from the comfort of one of the company’s 30 distinguishable Mercedes trucks, Dragoman knows that it isn’t just about the destination - every part of your journey counts towards an amazing adventure.

Dragoman truck on the road through Patagonia, South America. Picture: Dragoman

Dragoman truck on the road through Patagonia, South America. Picture: Dragoman - Credit: Archant

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While many Dragoman trips are a convenient 14 to 21 days long and offer a great snapshot of a country or region, trips can also be combined to create epic journeys that can last up to 235 days! Travel from Istanbul to Beijing and follow in the footsteps of the ancient Silk Route caravans, complete a trans-Africa expedition from Cape Town to Cairo, or travel the entire length of the Americas from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. These are incredible journeys – among so many more – will have you mixing with the locals and learning about their culture and are guaranteed to change your life!

Last year 2500 travellers joined Dragoman, visiting 55 different countries across the globe – this year it’s your turn to get involved! For more information on the trips and tours available now, visit the Dragoman website, or call 01728 861133.

If your wanderlust is pulling you in a different direction however, there are hundreds more unique travel styles to explore across the world through both group adventures and completely bespoke experiences with Dragoman’s sister company, Imaginative Traveller.

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Also based at the Debenham HQ, Imaginative Traveller has a similar philosophy based on a love of travel and exploration, as well as a desire to retain the spirit that it established when it was founded in 1991. The travel specialist also understands that every traveller has their own personal interests and attitudes to seeing the world, and therefore offers nearly 400 tours, in a vast amount of countries, in small groups or as private tours.

Fuji Japan in Spring. Picture: Getty Images

Fuji Japan in Spring. Picture: Getty Images - Credit: Getty Images

Imaginative Traveller puts special interests at the forefront of its tour planning. Some people love to be active, trekking, cycling or sailing around the world, while others wish for the most incredible wildlife experiences during their time away. If you’re not entirely sure on your destination, why not browse through the company’s trip themes – including cycling, walking and sailing, food and music – and find a tour that’s perfect for you and your hobbies?

If you can’t find a small group tour or holiday that really grabs you however, what better option than designing your own trip to fit in with your lifestyle and budget? Imaginative Traveller’s ‘Tailor Made’ offering can do just this, conjuring up your dream trip – whether that’s a cultural experience in Japan, getting up close and personal to exotic wildlife in Borneo, or sample Darjeeling tea at its source.

What Imaginative Traveller’s tailor-made team doesn’t know about travel isn’t worth knowing, and that’s why it’s able to create unique, authentic trips, using first hand experience and insider knowledge.

As well as the trip itself, every element of your holiday can be arranged too, including flights, transfers and insurance, providing you with an all important ‘independent’ travel experience, but without the need to organise it yourself.

The world really is your oyster, so what are you waiting for? To find out more about tours with Imaginative Traveller, visit the Imaginative Traveller website, or call 01728 862230. Alternatively, for tailor made travel assistance, email tailormade@imtrav.net

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