Burglar suffers genital injuries in raid

IPSWICH: Burglar Shaun Webber suffered the unkindest cut of all when he broke into a barber’s shop – and ended up with 30 lacerations to his backside, legs and genitals.

The 18-year-old from Spinner Close, Ipswich, sustained the injuries as he sat astride broken glass while struggling to escape out of a window.

Today, Webber is serving an 18-month sentence at a young offenders’ institution after admitting burglary with intent to steal, following his pain-laden botched attempt to break-into the shop in Bramford Road, Ipswich.

The teenager, who was sentenced at Ipswich Crown Court, was so badly injured that he had to be operated upon after slashing a tendon on his right shin during the bungled raid.

Police received a call to the incident at just after 11.30pm on January 4.

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The male occupant of the premises, which has a flat above it, returned home with a female friend and noticed the waiting area was lit, according to what police were told at the time.

The man heard a noise in the kitchen and went to investigate.

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When he opened the door he saw Webber, who ran through the toilet area and into the laundry room chased by the man.

The occupant recognised Webber, who had previously worked at the salon for a very short time.

The man shouted for the burglar to stop and a scuffle ensued, with the man allegedly being hit in the face several times.

Webber was said to have hoisted himself up on to a smashed window ledge and sat on the broken glass.

The occupant tried to detain Webber while the teenager tried to pull away.

During the melee the man was able to call police, while his girlfriend was also attempting to hold on to Webber as the scuffle continued.

By this time Webber was said to have sustained deep cuts to the lower half of his body, caused by trying to squirm through the broken window.

At one stage he was described as being half in and half out of the window.

When police arrived to arrest Webber it was said he had suffered up to 30 lacerations. Among his injuries were cuts to his backside, right knee, right shin, right ankle and the underside of both thighs, as well as to his genitals.

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