Bury St Edmunds: Double yellows could have ‘negative impact’ on businesses

Cars parked in Lamdin Road, Bury.

Cars parked in Lamdin Road, Bury. - Credit: Archant

Companies claim a raft of new parking measures planned for a west Suffolk estate could encourage speeding and drive away customers.

Businesses on the Lark Valley Business Park in Bury St Edmunds have now grouped together to draft their own parking policy to manage traffic around popular locations such as CurveMotion.

Tom Ogden press & marketing manager at the family entertainment centre, said proposals put forward by Suffolk County Council did not reflect the comments raised by the majority of businesses in the area.

He said: “Everyone accepts there is an issue with parking on the Lark Valley Business Park and something needs to be done. The council, as I understand it, sent someone round to every business to ask for their feedback about what they though should be done. As a result of that they came up with a proposal for implementing double yellow lines and various parking restrictions.” Mr Ogden added: “That’s all well and good, but as it transpires, the plan that they submitted did not reflect the comments - or very few of the comments - that were made by the companies themselves.”

He claims the county council proposal, which involved painting double yellows along Lamdin Road, would allow cars to speed up and shift the parking problem to residential areas.

Mr Ogden, who said that 12 of 14 companies had devised a counterplan that includes moving a bus stop closer to businesses, added some felt they were being “penalised for success”.

He said: “Ease of parking encourages customers of all the businesses along Lamdin Road to visit on a recurring basis. The plans the council have submitted will discourage some customers, and negatively impact the businesses concerned. It is a shame that the council has not listened to the majority, especially given the huge business rates that are being paid by those involved.”

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A spokeswoman for Suffolk County Council said: “The current proposal for the implementation of double yellow lines has been published via notices at the site, in the local press and in Bury St Edmund’s Library. This proposal was drafted by carrying out consultations with local businesses, and it is designed to improve access to those local businesses.”