Bury St Edmunds: Four students helping to raise £1m for Sir Bobby’s campaign

Kirsty Downes, Grace Armstrong, Aileen Belsberg and Hannah Mannell

Kirsty Downes, Grace Armstrong, Aileen Belsberg and Hannah Mannell - Credit: Andy Abbott

Four students have been given internships to work alongside the team aiming to raise more than £1million for Sir Bobby’s Breakthrough Online Auction.

Hannah Mannell and Aileen Belsberg, both 19, along with 20-year-old Grace Armstrong, and Kirsty Downes, 21, said they were gaining a “huge amount of experience” to be part of the fundraising initiative which is aiming to raise £1m.

They will be supporting the founder of the campaign, Gina Long, to promote the project and also raise a glittering array of items for the auction.

The quartet, currently studying at University Campus Suffolk, at the West Suffolk College, in Bury St Edmunds, are based in offices at Fornham St Martin, spending up to two days a week working on the project.

Hannah, who lives in Bury St Edmunds, said she was delighted to have been chosen to be part of the team and said it was “inspiring” to be able to help with the campaign.

“It is so rewarding and inspiring knowing that you are doing something for a good cause and also for my CV.”

Aileen, who lives in Barton Mills, said: “It’s such a huge experience and such a good cause to be working on and it’s a lot of fun as well.”

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Meanwhile, Grace, from Beyton, is also delighted to have gained a position with the team, saying: “I have a real passion for charity work and having the chance to do this is truly inspirational.”

Meanwhile, Kirsty, who lives on Moreton Hall, in Bury St Edmunds, is hoping that being part of the team will help to be the launch pad for her career. She added: “I’m gaining great experience working with Gina and the other girls and it’s a wonderful opportunity for me and doing something for such a great cause as this is truly inspirational.”