Bury St Edmunds school’s controversial report updated but head is still ‘disappointed’

Hugh O'Neill, headteacher of St Benedict's School, Bury St Edmunds.

Hugh O'Neill, headteacher of St Benedict's School, Bury St Edmunds. - Credit: Contributed

St Benedict’s Catholic School’s controversial Ofsted report has been updated, with the school still rated as “requires improvement” according to a letter to parents.

The report, which was due to be published on Monday, has still not been released by Ofsted.

The headteacher of the Beetons Way school, Hugh O’Neill, last night expressed disappointment at the rating, which followed a ‘snap’ inspection in early September.

However, he was happy to see that the sixth form had been upgraded to “outstanding” from its previous rating of “good”.

He said: “We told parents it was going to be published on Monday, and it still hasn’t been published. We are in a bit of strange position. We have seen the report and written to parents, but Ofsted have not published it.”

Speaking about the report’s findings, he said: “It is a disappointment to still be rated as ‘requires improvement’. But the sixth form rating has gone up to ‘outstanding’.”

In the letter to parents, Mr O’Neill wrote: “The comments on students being “insufficiently aware of the dangers of radicalism and extremism” and other references to “life in modern Britain” have been removed.

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“The reason for the inspection is now given as our change of age range in September 2013, when we admitted our first Year Seven students. This reason was not mentioned in the original report. We are already working through our action plan.”

Ofsted said it did not wish to comment until the report has been officially released.