Bury St Edmunds: Teen issues High Court proceedings after spinal injury

A TEENAGE gymnast who was left partially paralysed after an accident during training has issued High Court proceedings to agree a claim for compensation against her former club.

Victoria Abery, 16, suffered severe spinal injuries in an incident at a gymnasium owned by Bury Spectrum Gymnastics Club in Northern Way, Bury St Edmunds.

According to documents lodged with the High Court, a claim for compensation for personal injury incurred as a result of the accident, which took place two years ago on November 27, 2010, has been settled between Miss Abery’s family and the club.

A High Court Approval Hearing is now being sought to officially settle the claim. The exact size of any payment to the teenager has not been disclosed.

Miss Abery, of Haverhill, had been a member of the club from a young age, winning a number of medals in both Suffolk County and Eastern Region Championships.

A claim form at the High Court states that Miss Abery “suffered severe spinal injuries” and said that she “continues to suffer from significant physical disability as a result of the injuries she sustained.”

The teenager, who is described on the claim form as being a “C5 incomplete tetraplegic”, suffers from Brown-S�quard syndrome that has left her with a loss of movement on the right side of her body and impaired sensation on the left.

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The claim form states that Miss Abery’s injuries are recorded in a medical report by Mr El Shafei, Consultant in Spinal Injuries dated 2November 21, 2011.

A spokesman, speaking on behalf of Bury Spectrum Gymnastics Club and British Gymnastics, said: “What happened to Victoria was a tragic accident and we are all pleased that a settlement has been reached that will support her recovery process.

“Everyone at the club and indeed the whole British gymnastics community wish her all the best in her on-going rehabilitation.”