Bury St Edmunds: West Suffolk Hospital meets ‘essential standards’

West Suffolk Hospital

West Suffolk Hospital

A REVIEW of privacy, dignity and nutrition found that one of the county’s major hospitals was meeting all essential standards of quality and safety.

The study, carried out at West Suffolk Hospital by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), was part of the watchdog’s 2012 Dignity and Nutrition Inspection Programme (DANI).

The review, which was carried out in August and concentrated on six wards where there was a higher proportion of older people, found that the staff at the Bury St Edmunds hospital respected and involved people who use services.

The report stated: “One person said that they could not praise the staff enough and felt they were professional and caring and met their wishes and care needs.” Another added: “The staff could not be better.”

Inspectors said staff had a good understanding of maintaining people’s independence and were supportive.

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The CQC study also praised the Hardwick Lane hospital’s treatment of nutritional needs, with cultural and religious backgrounds respected. Inspectors noted that ward teams were supported by dieticians, a diabetic nurse specialist, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists and other health professionals.

The report stated that people who use the hospital were protected from the risk of abuse “because the provider had taken reasonable steps to identify the possibility of abuse and prevent abuse from happening.”

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Staffing and record keeping standards were also met.

CQC chief executive David Behan said: “Safe, good quality care is not complex or time-consuming. Effective leadership and staff who feel supported make this happen every day. We want services to learn from the best.”

Nichole Day, executive chief nurse at West Suffolk Hospital, said: “We were really pleased with the overall results of the inspection, which showed we were meeting the required standards of care in five key areas.

“The feedback we received from the inspectors was very positive.

“They commended our professional, supportive and caring staff and highlighted some excellent practices taking place across the Trust. This included the help given to patients at mealtimes, the steps we take to ensure patients are given choices about their care and the way in which our staff communicate.”

She added: “We were also delighted with the positive comments our patients made about their experiences of receiving care at West Suffolk Hospital.”

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