Essex businesses support staff to get active with 30:30 challenge

Employees gather at Essex County Hall for Yoga session. Photo: Active Essex Foundation.

Employees gather at Essex County Hall for Yoga session. Photo: Active Essex Foundation. - Credit: Archant

Businesses across Essex are supporting staff to live healthier and more active lifestyles as part of the Active Essex Foundation’s 30:30 challenge.

On average workers in Essex work around 40 hours each week and one in four are classed as inactive.

HS Mid Essex CCG, University of Essex and Essex County Council, are amongst 20 workplaces committed to taking on the 30:30 Essex challenge, inspiring over 5,000 combined employees to take part in 30 minutes of physical activity for the 30 days of June.

Jason Fergus, Trustee of the Active Essex Foundation, said: "People have busy lifestyles and fitting regular physical activity and sport in alongside the working day can seem a difficult task, but regular participation can bring lots of personal benefits and help you feel healthier and happier.

"The 30:30 Essex challenge helps employers make it easier for their staff to take part in regular physical activity by embracing a more active culture and highlighting suitable opportunities to get active in and around the workplace. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of encouragement."

Along with benefits to staff, a more active workforce can also lead to better staff morale, reduced sickness levels and improved productivity from higher energy levels.

Caroline Rassell, Chief Executive of NHS Mid Essex CCG, Active Workplace of the Year, said: "We are committed to being an active organisation and organise regular activity sessions for our staff. From lunchtime walks and running clubs to desk stretches, there is something for everyone.

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"By taking on the 30:30 Essex challenge we are not only supporting the health and wellbeing of our staff but are providing them with the social benefit of interacting with other staff members who they might not necessarily talk to during their day-to-day work."

While the challenge has already begun, workplaces can commit to taking on the challenge for the rest of June and beyond, by signing up HERE