Anger at Openreach’s delays to telephone cable repairs at Owls Green near Framlingham - home to Trevor Jones who composed film scores for Labyrinth, i Robot and Notting Hill

Openreach engineers are scheduled to repair the

Openreach engineers are scheduled to repair the - Credit: Archant

People living in a Suffolk hamlet have complained after being told they would be left without telephone or internet services for more than 10 days.

The overhead cable at Owls Green, near Framlingham, was damaged by a large vehicle on Thursday, leaving some households without a land line or broadband.

The hamlet, which is home to the famous film score composer Trevor Jones, who worked on titles such as Labyrinth, i,Robot and Notting Hill, is also reported to have poor mobile phone coverage.

However, Openreach, which looks after the network and is a subsidiary of BT, said engineers would not be attending to make repairs until Monday.

Resident Michael Cole, who is a former BBC broadcaster, described the service as a “scandal” and called on the company to offer a quicker solution.

“BT say they cannot repair it until January 23,” he added. “Why not? It is a severed cable, repair it.

“Meanwhile, we are not alone in being deprived of land lines and broadband in an area where BT cell phone coverage is pathetically inadequate too.”

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Mr Cole said the service seemed to demonstrate an “indifference to people who pay their bills”.

Other people in the hamlet have also raised concerns about the delayed repairs, though for some, only their internet has been affected.

A spokesman for Openreach has apologised to the residents affected and asked people to contact their service provider.

“It is extremely regrettable when Openreach suffers any such damage to its network,” the spokesman added.

“In such cases every effort is made to undertake the necessary repairs and restore any affected services as quickly as possible.

“Openreach are aware of one reported fault following this incident.

“If anyone is experiencing problems they should report to their service provider.

“Engineers are scheduled to attend this fault on Monday to replace the overhead wire and restore services.

“Openreach apologises for any inconvenience caused.”

Do you have a complaint about the service you have received? Email here.