Bright start to year

FARMERS who have developed their own product from one of their main crops are celebrating a bright start to the year with a bold new look for it.

Sam Fairs has been making premium Hillfarm Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil at his family farm at Heveningham from his oilseed rape crop for a number of years.

In recent years, it has enjoyed growing success and is now stocked by Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose nationwide as well as regional farm shops.

Among its growing list of fans are chefs James Martin, Galton Blackiston, Raymond Blanc, Jamie Oliver and Mark Hix.

While the oil, made from cold-pressed rapeseed, remains the same, the bottle’s labelling has been given a contemporary make-over.

“The evolution of our label-design is to make sure that consumers are informed about the benefits of buying Hillfarm Rapeseed Oil before they’ve even taken it off the shelf,” explained sam, who founded the company.

“Our loyal customer base will still recognise our distinctive branding, which is bolder and brighter than before.

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“Shoppers will clearly see that they are making an ethical choice thanks to the Red Tractor logo, Kosher Certification logo and the bright yellow wording of rapeseed oil, which is a sustainable British crop producing an entirely natural oil.”

The addition of a ‘spotlight on saturated fat’ on the back of the bottle is aimed at helping those new to rapeseed oil to learn about the saturated fat content at just 6% compared to sunflower oil (10%), olive oil (14%) and butter (51%).

The new label also makes it clear that the award-winning cooking oil is suitable for roasting, baking, dressing and frying.

Hillfarm is the first rapeseed oil to feature a QR code, which when scanned gives shoppers a short explanation about the benefits of rapeseed oil by Dr Sarah Jarvis, a GP and media health expert.

“I strongly advocate the use of rapeseed oil in everyday cooking as part of a healthy diet.

“It has less saturated fat even than olive oil, a healthy balance of Omega 3 and 6 and a high smoke point, meaning its nutritional value is maintained, even during cooking at high temperatures.

“The delicate flavour of Hillfarm Rapeseed Oil, converted me to using it at home.

“This oil is 100% British and a very versatile base ingredient for healthier home-cooking,” she says.

Sam and his father, Alan, have 35 years’ experience in sustainable farming. The British Association of Cold Press Oil Producers (BACPOP) has confirmed Hillfarm as the market leader.