Bungay: UK dairies are ‘heading for extinction’, farmer warns

A WAVENEY dairy farmer has warned more dairy farmers will go out of business following the latest milk price cuts.

Jonathan Crickmore, of Bungay, has called for the creation of a “fairtrade”, ethical style of milk sales based on a tracker system as a means of combating low UK milk prices.

“There will be more dairy farmers go out of business,” he warned. “The recent price cuts are a massive blow to the industry.”

He added: “The whole industry stinks, and it is totally unfair for the dairy farmer who works harder than most and who is faced with unsociable hours and tough working conditions to be working at a loss with a situation totally out of his control.

“The problem we find ourselves in is all three of the big processors are battling it out with each other to gain the contracts with the supermarket

“We really need the consumer to be aware of what is happening.

“I don’t feel enough is said in the press to help get the message across that the dairy industry in the UK is heading for extinction.”