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Suffolk digital agency NetXtra has been appointed by BALI, The British Association of Landscape Indu

Suffolk digital agency NetXtra has been appointed by BALI, The British Association of Landscape Industries, for their digital transformation. Some of the NetXtra project team picture in Bury St Edmunds - Credit: NetXtra

Suffolk agency appointed to partner in digital transformation of the British Association of Landscape Industries

Bury St Edmunds based digital agency NetXtra has been appointed to partner with The British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) in their digital transformation.

BALI is the UK’s leading trade association for landscape professionals with more than 900 active Registered garden and landscape designer, landscape contractor, supplier and training provider members.

The first phase of the project incorporates the development of a new website integrated with their CRM due for launch January 2019. The project will facilitate the delivery of next generation membership engagement and enhanced promotional features to help generate business for BALI members.

NetXtra have a solid and proven track record of delivering strategic creative digital solutions and complex integration projects.

BALI’s narketing and communications manager Darren Taylor said: “With BALI Registered members contributing over £6bn to the UK economy and employing over 100,000 staff, it was vital that we secured a new long-term partner to help us deliver an enhanced website experience.”

He continued: “Member feedback over the last year has helped me and the Landscape House team to produce an improved specification that better supports, engages and inspires member businesses and individuals by offering a fully integrated solution with our customer database.”

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NetXtra’s chief client officer Simon Butler said “It is rare to find a client whose ambition matches our own. BALI has an exciting vision to take member engagement into a new dimension – NetXtra will use every arrow in our quiver of digital services to bring this vision to life.”

“The BALI team has a very progressive strategy and approach to supporting its members and we share this vision, which is aligned with NetXtra’s company ethos, creating a formidable and powerful partnership.”