Bury St Edmunds: It’s ‘For bitter, for worse’ as Greene King makes wedding gesture to Mr Green and Miss King

SUFFOLK brewer Greene King has supplied a batch of personalised bottles of beer for the wedding of an ale-loving couple – named Green and King.

Jamie Green and Louise King’s romance blossomed over pints of their favourite beer when they met at Glastonbury Festival nine years ago.

And when the Yorkshire couple decided to tie the knot, they contacted Bury St Edmunds-based Greene King to point out the coincidence of their names.

“We both love good beer so we were really chuffed when the brewery agreed to produce some special bottles to help us celebrate the coming together of Mr Green and Miss King,” said Jamie.

“Our friends have been called us the ‘beer-trothed’ and the ‘beer-ly beloved,” added Louise.

More than 80 bottles with special labels featuring the couple were enjoyed by guests at the reception which took place at Denton Hall, near Ilkley.

Greene King was created through the merger of the brewing interests of Benjamin King and Edward Greene

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“The union of a Greene and a King has proved a very successful marriage for us and we wish the latest Green-King’s the same,” said chief executive Rooney Anand.