Bury St Edmunds/ Woolpit: West Suffolk College audit helps Adanac save �1,000 a year on energy

A FREE energy audit carried out by West Suffolk College under the SEE (Sustainable Efficiency East) project has helped a local engineering firm to achieve a saving of more than �1,000 a year.

Adanac Valve Specialities Ltd, based in Woolpit, found that the actions recommended by the energy audit were straightforward and have proved more than worthwhile.

Neil West, engineering director of Adanac, said: “We wanted to take part in the SEE project as energy costs were a real concern to us.

“Also we wanted to improve our energy efficiency. e manufacture items which are designed to minimise emissions and, as our customers are in the energy business, it’s important we are seen to take an interest in the area.”

Adanac has taken two major actions since their SEE audit, both concerning lighting. The first involved a major replacement of all the lighting in the manufacturing area.

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The wattage per bulb has been reduced from approximately 400 to 150 watts, with the new bulbs being compatible with the old fittings and not much more expensive to buy than the old bulbs.

Neil says: “We have saved so much that we can afford to light a darker corner of the premises, improving the feel of the working environment and of course the safety. Another advantage is that the bulbs will need to be changed less often, further reducing costs and inconvenience.

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“Lights in the office area are now motion controlled. Although the energy savings are not as large as in the manufacturing area, this is a great way to demonstrate the company’s commitment to energy saving. The motion sensor simply replaced the light switch, so this was also a straightforward change.

As a result of the changes, energy cost savings of over �1,000 per year and a CO2 reduction of 6.7 tonnes per year have been achieved. Adanac also received grant funding to assist with these changes.

Further plans include the possibility of renewable technologies, such as solar panels, and the company will be continuingits extensive activities in recycling.

For details of the help available through the SEE project at West Suffolk College, contact Clare Wilson 01284 716286.

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