Employers can help to design skills bootcamps

Skills Bootcamps

Skills Bootcamps are being set up in Suffolk - Credit: Stock photo

Local employers are being invited to provide their opinions on how Skills Bootcamps could work in this area. 

The Government has launched the bootcamps as a high-profile training and recruitment initiative to boost workforce and recruitment needs. 

The scheme is being supported by New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership, with Norfolk and Suffolk County Councils. 

Employers can help design a local training programme based on industry requirements.  

The bootcamps can last from 60 hours to 16 weeks.  

They can support the unemployed seeking to gain the skills needed to find work, help those looking to retrain, benefit employees who are seeking to upskill and enhance their contribution to your business and help to improve productivity. 

To get involved, email skills@newanglia.co.uk.