Felixstowe haulage firm urges government to support their industry post-Brexit

CargoLogic transport and logistics company, Felixstowe

CargoLogic transport and logistics company, Felixstowe - Credit: CargoLogic

Haulage firm Cargologic, which specialises in deliveries from East Anglia to the rest of the UK, has underlined the importance of the haulage sector after the UK’s exit from the European Union.

Looking ahead to the post Brexit era, Cargologic, which is based at Felixstowe Port, claims that haulage and the wider logistics industry will be integral to the UK keeping trade with mainland Europe strong.

Felixstowe offers supply routes to and from European countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands and France. It is also the UK’s biggest container port, being a gateway for a 42 per cent share of all such trade into the UK.

Now Cargologic has urged the government to do everything they can to support the haulage industry, as the UK looks to keep trade ties with Europe fully functional with a view to remaining a kingpin for international trade in the western world.

Matt Meszaros, Director of Cargologic, said: “We have reached a critical point in the negotiations for Brexit, and the haulage industry as a whole is holding its breath as we look forward to the post-Brexit era. One thing is for sure, the haulage sector will remain a vital part of our trade with Europe, and is likely to take on even more importance as this country looks to keep our continental trade routes in tact, rather than disrupt them.”