Century Logistics teaches students about ‘Business on the Move’

Stephen Basey-Fisher, managing director at Century Logistics, in the hi-vis vest, with a group of te

Stephen Basey-Fisher, managing director at Century Logistics, in the hi-vis vest, with a group of teachers playing the Business on the Move game. - Credit: Archant

Century Logistics, which is based near Bury St Edmunds, has welcomed the success of an event it held at Mildenhall College to highlight the importance of the logistics sector.

It was part of the “Business on the Move” initiative which aims to inform students about logistics and to encourage them to be more aware of the significance of the global supply chain in everyday life.

Century Logistics has committed itself to support the campaign, alongside such names as Marks & Spencer, Land-Rover and John Lewis, and also aims to use the initiative to support its planned launch of an apprenticeship programme.

Business on the Move has been designed to complement the new curriculum for schools and aims to work as a supportive teaching aid across all subjects.

By combining the complexity of the supply chain with the “fun factor”, it involves a game which introduces the concept of moving consumer goods around the world and the impact this has on society.

Players explore many aspects of logistics such as freight as they transport goods by land, air and sea during play. They also learn terminology such as profit, assets, balance sheet, logistics and globalisation.

Stephen Basey-Fisher, managing director at Century Logistics, said: “As soon as I learnt about Business on the Move I was determined to be involved. Not only is it a great way to introduce logistics to the next generation, it is a great way of increasing awareness of the importance of logistics and its impact on day to day life.”

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He added: “Hopefully we will be able to follow this up with class visits to our sites so the children can understand even more what goes on in a logistics company.

“Another of our objectives for the coming year is to launch an apprenticeship programme so Business on the Move could not have come at a better time. Here’s to educating the future workforce in the importance of the global supply chain and its significance to all our lives.”

Century Logistics was launched in 1997 by Stephen and Ann Basey-Fisher in Beccles to provide cost effective contract warehousing services for all types of businesses. It now has seven sites across the East of England employing 200 staff, with its head office located at its 140,000sq ft state-of-the-art warehouse at Little Saxham, near Bury St Edmunds..