Challenge launched to escape real-life Puzzle Room

Steve Blake, founder of The Puzzle Room, sets up a library at the Kesgrave Community Centre as a lib

Steve Blake, founder of The Puzzle Room, sets up a library at the Kesgrave Community Centre as a library where groups get locked in until they solve the adventure game. - Credit: Su Anderson

Sixty minutes “locked” in a room, with only your logic, problem-solving skills and team work to help you find your way out. Could you find your way out of the Puzzle Room?

That’s the challenge that enthusiastic problem solvers can now take-on with the Puzzle Room activity experience, which has been launched by a Stowmarket IT worker.

Steve Blake, 50, launched the pop-up experience last week, which involves players interacting within a scripted story with props and puzzles.

Mr Blake said: “It started as a very lucid dream. There are a large number of these games on the internet, and I had a dream I was involved in one in real life. It made me wonder if I could make it work as a business.”

Having spent a month crafting a script, getting props in place, the experience launched at Kingpin in Martlesham Heath on Tuesday, before moving on to Kesgrave Community Centre on Friday.

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“It has gone well,” Mr Blake added. “It has been mostly families but it is suitable for secondary school pupils upwards.”

Mr Blake hopes to continue the project with the possibility of tailored scripts and turning it into a team-building exercise for businesses.

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The interactive puzzle experience’s origins began in Japan nearly 20 years ago, and has recently made waves in other parts of Europe in the last 12 months. Now Mr Blake hopes the interest can be sustained in this country.

Mr Blake added: “I have set it up as a pop-up puzzle room and I am testing the market to see where it’s going and there are many locations I can go to so I am hopeful.”

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