Clacton-on-Sea shopping trolley firm Sholley targets festival generation with launch of the ‘Donkee’

The new take on the traditional shopping trolley from Clacton-on-Sea manufacturer Sholley which is a

The new take on the traditional shopping trolley from Clacton-on-Sea manufacturer Sholley which is aimed at festival-goers and campers. - Credit: Archant

A Clacton-on-Sea entrepreneur is aiming to change the impage of the shopping trolley – with a new version aimed at festival-goers and campers.

Jackie Clover has already achieved huge sales success with the “Sholley”, an innovative four-wheeled shopping trolley which doubles as a discreet walking aid for shoppers with limited mobility, and from which her Oxford Road-based firm takes its name.

But now she aims to broaden the appeal of the company’s products with the launch of a new two-wheeled, all-terrain model, known as the Donkee.

The new version, available in two sizes and made from teal or red polka dot wipe-clean material, folds away to the size of a large toddler buggy but is suitable for carrying everything from a tent to a large picnic, making it ideal for campsites, festivals and the beach, although it could also be used for visits to the supermarket.

It has a reinforced lid, allowing it to serve as a picnic table, and it features compartments inside and out to hold wine, glasses, plates and cutlery, as well as a separate cool bag. There is also a transparent pocket inside to tidy away paperwork such as tickets needed for easy access.

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Jackie says that, in recent years, trolleys have already started to lose their image of being just for the elderly, and the Donkee aims to build on this trend.

“Barristers, schools and hospitals are all using our trolleys to transport paperwork and younger customers are being won over by our trendier fabrics and the opportunity that trolleys give them to cut out car journeys,” she said.

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“I’m expecting to see lots of young mums pulling the polka dot Donkee around the streets of Clacton-on-Sea in weeks to come.”

Sholley currently employes 12 people and is aiming to recruit more machinists to keep pace with an expected increase in sales.

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