Claydon Drills unveils giant new Hybrid T8 model

Claydon Drills' new 8m Claydon Hybrid T trailed drill launched at Cereals 2015.

Claydon Drills' new 8m Claydon Hybrid T trailed drill launched at Cereals 2015. - Credit: Archant

A hi-tech farm machinery manufacturer chose this month’s Cereals 2015 for the launch of the latest in its pioneering seed drill range – a giant suitable for the big farms of Europe.

Claydon Drills' founder Jeff Claydon.

Claydon Drills' founder Jeff Claydon. - Credit: Archant

Claydon Drills of Wickhambrook, near Newmarket, unveiled its new 8m-wide Claydon Hybrid T8 seed/fertiliser drill, which can sow directly into stubble, min-till or ploughed/cultivated land, at the Lincolnshire event.

Designed for large farms, it has been developed from the company’s successful 6m Hybrid T6, which was launched last year.

Suitable for 450 horsepower plus tractors, the new model, which can drill up to 70ha per day, incorporates the patented Claydon twin-tine, in-line seeding technology that is now used successfully in 26 countries, across a wide range of climatic conditions and soils. The system encourages deep, complex rooting structures to develop quickly, in order to minimise soil erosion and lead to stronger, healthier, higher-yielding crops.

Equipped with 25 seeding tines which operate up to 150mm deep, the 8m Hybrid T incorporates a 5,500-litre hopper which holds up to 4,500kg of seed and fertiliser, with a 60:40 split. Removing the separator plate changes it to seed only for greater output. Both hopper sections incorporate CCTV, an adjustable seed level sensor and a roll-over top for quick filling.

Measuring 9m long and 4.3m high, the new drill incorporates a 2m-wide centre section and two 3m outer wings which fold hydraulically and follow ground contours. In operation, half of its 7,800kg mass is transferred to the tractor to maximise traction and for transport the drill folds hydraulically to just 2.85m wide, the standard hydraulically-operated locks holding each section securely in place.

True to the Claydon System, the Hybrid T features separate hopper and seeding frames which keep drilling depth constant and leave fields level. While the weight of the drilling chassis is carried on five depth wheels which are fitted with10.0/75-15.3 cleated tyres and centrally mounted for optimum contour following, the seed hopper is carried on four transport wheels with 380/55–17 tyres.

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Individually adjustable, long-life tungsten carbide tines, either fixed or auto-reset, remove surface compaction, create drainage and allow the soil to breathe. These are carried on two banks of seeding tines which are set 2.5m apart, giving a minimum inter-tine clearance of 550mm and a row spacing of 600mm. Hydraulic stone protection and pre-emergence markers are fitted, while the double rear toolbar options provide for tailoring the finish to soil type and condition.

The Suffolk farmer-cum-engineer behind the technology, Jeff Claydon, said: “Our primary focus is to enable farmers to grow high-yielding crops at the lowest possible cost by providing high-quality, hard-wearing, long-lasting machinery that is reliable and economical to operate.

“At a time of declining returns that is vital in order to farm profitably.”