Claydon: Logistics firm Dooley Rumble rolls into its 25th year

TIMES are tough admit the owners of a logistics firm which has just celebrated its 25th anniversary, but they just keep trucking.

Dooley Rumble, based on Claydon Business Park, was set up by Simon Rumble and Neil Dooley, who previously worked for the Felixstowe branch of shipping company, Geest North Sea Line, for nine years.

They spotted a gap in the market for offering a greater range of services to customers and set up their own company, which was originally based in a portable cabin at Felixstowe Docks. They launched the business during the recession of 1987, so they are used to hard times.

The successful business, which now employs 46 staff, has grown substantially, and now occupies three sites on the industrial estate. It is now based in a �1.5million purpose-built office and warehousing complex and the business includes warehousing with a capacity for 7,500 pallet spaces, an Enhanced Remote Transit Shed warehouse, a picking and packing operation, a fleet of HGVs, CPC driver training and a large export case making workshop.

It has a customer base of about 65 firms, but has had to adapt its business following the downturn. From dealing with a large amount of exported goods, the business has seen the balance move greatly in favour of imports, and more towards internet customers.

“It’s very apparent that retail is not going particularly well so as a consequence we have moved into handling business for internet companies,” said Neil.

“Retail has been tailing off which affected our business, but the internet seems to be the way forward. It has certainly helped on the volume.”

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Among their internet business customers is, a furniture-making firm which is enjoying phenonenal growth. But the firm knows the next couple of years will be challenging for many businesses.

“I don’t think I can see growth within the next couple of years really. It’s about consolidation at the moment,” said Neil. “At some point it has to improve.”

Simon added: “I think in our industry, 25 years is recognised as being a significant milestone and many people have not achieved that. Customers and suppliers have been very complimentary.”