Colchester: Floramedia celebrates win for tradestand at Four Oaks Trade Show

The Floramedia stand at the Four Oaks Trade Show.

The Floramedia stand at the Four Oaks Trade Show. - Credit: Archant

Horticultural design and print specialist Floramedia is celebrating after winning the “Most Innovative Exhibit” title at the annual Four Oaks Trade Show, held this week in Macclesfield.

Managing director Nick Mathias said: “We are absolutely delighted with the award. It’s fantastic the hard work that went into the stand has really paid off.

“We are increasingly asked by customers to develop merchandising and branding concepts and the stand was the perfect backdrop to bring all those ideas together.

“The display included our re-board potting shed, our new beehive 3D display, artificial grass and plenty of plants to add some colour. We wanted the stand to showcase the creative skills of the Floramedia in-house design team and demonstrate how graphics can be used as a backdrop for merchandising plants.”

The Floramedia potting shed is four metres in length by two metres in height and is made out of Re-board, a patented paper-based board with a unique engineered fluted core which makes it lightweight but strong. The company has created a shed with the board and has printed wooden panels on to it and also cut out windows.

Mr Mathias added: “The life-sized Correx beehive really caught the eye of retailers. It’s a great cost-effective prop to create a backdrop for plant displays. Correx is a brand name of a corrugated plastic sheet, which is fully recyclable.”

Floramedia, based in Colchester, provides a complete service for labelling, point-of-sale, web, packaging and retail merchandising for the gardening market in the UK.

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It also has a picture library with more than 250,000 images that are available for garden centres to use to create their own marketing materials.