Suffolk leadership expert gives three tips to thrive post-Covid

Colin Tapscott has published a book called Everyday People Everyday Leaders. Picture: BEN LAND

Colin Tapscott has published a book called Everyday People Everyday Leaders. Picture: BEN LAND - Credit: BEN LAND

A Suffolk-based leadership expert has offered his three key tips to help businesses and communities flourish post-coronavirus

Colin Tapscott, a leadership trainer and consultant from Debenham, says people can take more of a leadership role in the world around them through being more adaptable, more creative and more collaborative.

Three years ago, Mr Tapscott found himself without a job after leaving his job as a headteacher.

He says he used these skills to develop a leadership coaching business called Everyday Leader and has recently finished his first book.

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Now, he says that people can use these same three skills, even if they are feeling powerless in the post-Covid world.

Mr Tapscott said: “With the latest announcements of more companies announcing job losses, despite the government rescue packages, you may find yourself out of work. Ask yourself, ‘what do I have?’ Examine the possibilities. Consider your contacts and unashamedly milk them. Be adaptable, creative and collaborative and you are not powerless.

“I’ve learnt that during Coronavirus, that pressure produces possibility and crisis can release creativity. I now run online training and coaching opening up my audience across the country. What could you achieve? It’s up to us everyday people to use our leadership skills and make them happen. Just like many of us have done in lockdown. Everyday people being everyday leaders.”

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Mr Tapscott said the three key skills for a post-Covid world are adaptability, creativity and collaboration.

Using these skills can help people become more resilient, a key skill in a world after coronavirus.

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“When we develop and use these skills, this in turn develops resilience,” he said. “Resilience is not just putting up with the situation. It is about seeing it as an opportunity to learn, develop and move the situation on.

“In my youth, I would look at esteemed leaders and think, ‘I can never be like that’. But experience and age has taught me that is far from the truth.

“The coronavirus lockdown has in fact cemented for me an important factor. Leadership is not an elixir for the elite.

“I believe that leadership can be found in the poorest and quietest of places, away from the media and award ceremonies. It can be found in everyday places, exhibited by everyday people being everyday leaders.”

More details on Colin Tapscott’s new book can be found here.