Cooking tips and the taste of Italy at Napoli Deli

Veronica Craggs at Napoli Deli (Italian delicatessen) in Upper Orwell Street, Ipswich.

Veronica Craggs at Napoli Deli (Italian delicatessen) in Upper Orwell Street, Ipswich. - Credit: Archant

Growing up in an Italian family, Veronica Craggs has always had a passion for food and for Italian cooking.

So after having previously worked as a nurse for 26 years, she opened Napoli Deli to spread the word and supply quality Italian ingredients. Veronica launched the new business four-and-a-half years-ago with the support of her brothers Mark and Chris.

“I have always loved Italian food and cooking. I hardly cook anything English. I learned from by mother, Kina, who is 77 now, and my grandmother. My brothers are also very good cooks.”

The Mediterranean diet, rich in fish, olive oil and with fresh fruit and vegetables, was one of the most healthy, she said. “And it is affordable. You can feed a family with a packet of pasta which costs £1.25, some tomatoes, cheese and herbs. It is such a nutritious meal.”

Call in to Napoli Deli and Veronica is happy to give advice about ingredients, or get her recipe books out and suggest a recipe with expert tips on cooking your meal.

“You don’t get that at the big supermarkets,” she laughed.

For many years there was an Italian deli in London Road, Ipswich (long gone), and for several years her sister Fiona ran one in Norwich Road. “The town had been without an Italian store for a few years so we thought we would give this a go.

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“We are well supported by the Italian community, the English and other nationalities too.

“We have some customers who have been with us since day one. They call in regularly for a coffee too.”

Everything sold in the shop is Italian, with some of the brands not available anywhere else in Ipswich.

There is fresh Italian stone-baked bread daily (sold out when I called in), cold meat and cheeses, a wide variety of pasta and sauces, biscuits and olives and everything needed for cooking an authentic Italian meal.

The Upper Orwell Street area needed to get more attention, she said. “This has been a neglected area of town and we need to bring it back into the town centre. We all need to celebrate and support the independent shops,” she added.

This store is a rarity too in having its own customer parking available at the rear.

Napoli Deli is at 67 Upper Orwell Street, Ipswich. See