Could Ed Sheeran get his next tattoo at a new parlour opening in Framlingham?

A new tattoo parlour and vape bar is opening in Framlingham, inset, Ed Sheeran shows off his tattoos

A new tattoo parlour and vape bar is opening in Framlingham, inset, Ed Sheeran shows off his tattoos: Picture: ANDREW HIRST/INSTAGRAM - Credit: Archant

When tattooed singer Ed Sheeran plans his next piece of “body art”, he may look no further than his old home town.

A sign has appeared next to 221B Bakery in Framlingham advertising that a tattoo parlour and vape bar is “opening soon”.

While the town’s style may be more countryside casual than body modification, at least one former resident is a fan of getting inked. Ed, who grew up in Framlingham, has gone under the needle at least 60 times.

In a newspaper interview earlier this year, the Suffolk singer explained that each one had a personal meaning.

He has a teddy tattoo referring to his childhood nickname, a Lego man for his Lego House hit single and a massive lion etched on his chest to mark his sell-out gigs at Wembley in 2015; a reference to the three lions on the England football team shirt,

But although Ed’s tattoos were on full show when he appeared as a boxer in the Shape of You music video earlier this year, he says he will never ink his face or neck. “You will never see them in a suit,” he told the Sun. “I want to get married and look great.”

News of the tattoo parlour’s opening has caused quite a stir in Framlingham, which has a strong independent retail scene.

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But while the Framlingham Business Association (FBA) admits there was “initial resistance”, members now say it can bring a new dimension to the town’s current offer.

“The arrival of a tattoo and vape shop in Framlingham, although perhaps controversial to some people, is a very positive thing, adding to the diversity of retailers and appealing to a new range of customers,” said the FBA’s Jenny Stockman .

“Tattoos are becoming as much a fashion accessory, albeit requiring a little more forethought, often attracting a much younger audience, so catering for this trend on our doorstep has to be good news for the town and other businesses.

“I’ve spoken to some younger people around Framlingham about this news and the response does seem very positive. I’m sure parents may have a different opinion but we always have to look to the future. And vaping has to be better than discarded cigarette ends.”

Nearby tattooists said they were unaware who was behind the plans – but keen to find out.

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