Diss: James Bond would be proud of this bike

IT IS a brand synonymous with the glamorous lifestyle of James Bond.

But 007 will get no 100mph speeds, wheel-spins or special effects out of this particular Aston Martin.

A Diss company that makes components for the motorsport and aerospace industries has turned its expertise to making one of the most advanced road bicycles on the planet.

Factor Bikes, a subsidiary of bf1systems, has spent the last year developing the One-77 bicycle at its technical centre in Owen Road, which combines precision engineering with the latest technologies.

But if you have been encouraged to take up cycling following the Tour de France or the forthcoming Olympics and Tour of Britain, you will need to start saving – as these two wheels are going to set you back a cool �25,000.

A team of 15 at Factor Bikes began work last year to design and make the bicycle, inspired by Aston Martin’s One-77 coup� supercar, which costs in the region of �1million.

Simon Roberts, project manager at Factor Bikes, said that since the launch of the new bicycle at the car company’s glitzy Park Lane store in London earlier this month, they have already received four orders from Australia, Japan and Brazil – from people who have not even seen the bike.

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In addition, there had been seven more inquiries.

The Aston Martin bike uses some of the same design and technology as the Factor001 bicycle the Diss firm made three years ago, which cost �20,000.

“We are using a lot of electronics in the bike to take lab data measurements on the road and there are components we use in motorsport that we have adapted for the One-77,” said Mr Roberts.

“The cranks measure the left and right leg power 200 times a second and the electronics on the handle bars measure things like GPS, heart rate, temperature, humidity, and altitude.”

Only 77 of the bicycles will be made by the Diss firm and it takes seven people two weeks to make one.

The bike comes in seven different colours, including classic racing green.