‘Double standards’

Norfolk Farming Conference 2016. Pictured: UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew

Norfolk Farming Conference 2016. Pictured: UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew - Credit: Kieron Tovell

A UKIP MEP has attacked “double standards” for organic and free range poultry producers.

Norfolk farmer Stuart Agnew, who represents the East of England, said while UK poultry kept in following a bird flu prevention order risks its free-range status if the period exceeds 12 weeks, organic chickens only need to be outdoors for a third of their lives. “Whilst the technical standards are absolutely essential to allow consumers to have confidence in free range eggs and chicken meat, I think British consumers are more than capable of understanding that a temporary housing order for these animals own protection is an exceptional situation,” he said. “Organic eggs in the UK will still be sold as organic even if they have been temporarily housed for periods in excess of 12 weeks. The double standard is confusing for customers and downright unfair for our dedicated free range chicken farmers.”

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