East Anglia: Anglia Ruskin University agrees postgrad partnership with Excelsior College

ANGLIA Ruskin University has formed a partnership with Excelsior College in the United States to create two innovative degree programmes, designed to equip graduates with the skills and the competitive edge to succeed in the global marketplace.

The new BA Hons in Business Management Practice and BSc Hons in Business Technology Management will be taught online and on completion successful students will obtain both a UK degree from Anglia Ruskin and a US degree from Excelsior College, based at Albany, New York.

The distance learning degree courses are being offered on a part-time and full-time basis, with no fixed starting date or duration, enabling them to be combined with students’ professional and personal lives.

Jon Bouffler, director of learning development services at Anglia Ruskin, said: “We’re very excited by this partnership with Excelsior College, who have a reputation as one of the leading distance learning colleges in the US.

“The flexibility of these courses means that people will have even greater options when deciding to study at Anglia Ruskin.”

Jane LeClair, dean of Excelsior College’s School of Business & Technology, added: “Excelsior College has been a leader in distance learning for 40 years because we deliver high quality education with instructors who have decades of experience in academia and the real world.

“Anglia Ruskin’s similar track record of success makes this a natural partnership that allows both institutions to reach students interested in attaining the knowledge, skills and degrees to compete in the 21st Century economy.”

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n For course details, visit www.anglia.ac.uk/busman or www.anglia.ac.uk/bustech or call 0845 196 5992.

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