East Anglia: Breakwater aims to make waves in telecoms market

IT services company Breakwater IT has launched a new business telecoms division after joining forces with a team of specialist telephone consultants working from its East Anglian head office.

It now plans to expand its telecoms offering to companies across the region and is particularly looking for significant growth in the Suffolk area.

“We think that many companies are totally unaware of the potential savings they could make with their telecoms bills if only they were prepared to shop around,” says Peter Davies, chairman of Breakwater IT.

“We now have access to much cheaper telecoms rates and we would like any business in the region to challenge us to reduce their telephone expenditure in the same way you can with any other utility.

“It really can be as simple as just emailing us your current bill and we will try to get back to you with real savings in the matter of a day or two. We just want to shake up the whole market and spread our new rates across the whole of East Anglia.”

Apart from dealing with fixed line and mobile calls, Breakwater is keen to make businesses aware of leased lines being available at prices significantly cheaper than they were only as year or two ago.

“The cost of having a leased line has come down considerably in the last 12 months and if clients are concerned about their broadband speed now is the time to do something about it,” said Mr Davies. “Leased lines have previously been used more by bigger businesses but now that costs have come down they are so much more affordable to the average company.”

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Breakwater is offering to do a free audit of telephone expenditure and often by just looking at the current suppliers bills can instantly see where savings can be made. It is now working with a wide range of different businesses from smaller companies to clients whose expenditure runs into several hundreds of thousands of �s per annum across multiple sites.

Breakwater IT currently works with some of the best known names in the region and recently won a major new contract in the offshore sector.

“IT and telecoms are now linked more than ever before and launching a new telecoms division just seemed a natural progression to us,” added Mr Davies.