East Anglia: Fargo Systems builds on success of CYMAN transport software

FARGO Systems, the specialist transport management software provider based at East Bergholt, is to launch a new version of its CYMAN (Container Yard/Terminal Management) software.

The maintenance and repair module has been enhanced and an asset management facility, including trailer hire, has been added.

Manufacturing and factory gate requirements are also catered for and an “in progress” explorer provides real-time status snapshots of vehicles in the depot or terminal and whether they are loading, unloading, etc.

Among the uses of CYMAN are Roadways Container Logistics, which operates depots in Manchester and Leeds and the Birmingham Internodal Freight Terminal (BIFT)

Roadways cites the management and visibility of container stock movements and invoicing for storage as key benefits of CYMAN which has processed 300,000 container movements for the company over the last 20 months.

Phil Wilkes, IT general manager at Roadways, said: “Our terminals have operated on CYMAN for approximately two years and it manages all aspects of our yard operations including the rail moves at BIFT and Manchester.

“We have recently worked very closely with Fargo Systems to implement the new M&R module which simplifies and integrates our repair processes even further with other yard activity.”

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Fargo Systems general manager Colin Potter said: “CYMAN is the ideal scalable solution for managing a container depot with all its inbound/outbound movements.

“The design of CYMAN makes it suitable for all scenarios, from smaller companies operating a single container haulage yard, to larger organisations dealing with multiple terminals and locations. It satisfies the reporting requirements of an increasing number of shipping lines, which rely on it for equipment control purposes.”