East Anglia: Peter Crichton’s pig commentary

Peter Crichton's pig commentary

Peter Crichton's pig commentary - Credit: Archant

Although the DAPP put on a further 0.2p and now stands at a new high of 171.69p, the Tulip weekly price remains unchanged at 168p and is now well adrift of other contract and spot prices.

Gills also stood on at 172p.

Spot buyers were however very active in the market with the result that prices were anywhere between a positive stand on and plus 1p – 2p more in places with spot bacon traded in the 172p – 176p/kg range according to spec and more could easily have been sold.

Cull sow prices have continued to reflect generally more stable EU mainland pigmeat values with export buyers standing on and cull sows traded within a fairly wide range of between 115p – 120p/kg according to load size and specification.

The Euro however traded marginally easier at 84.5p on Friday compared with 85p a week ago.

Weaner prices also seem to have reached something of a plateau with the latest AHDB 30kg ex farm weaner average quoted at £54.13/head and 7kg pigs were also finding new homes trading at around the £35/head mark for Red Tractor and £40/head for Freedom Food pigs.

On the negative side feed prices are continuing to nudge ahead with ex farm feed wheat traded at £155.70/t and futures quotes on the LIFFE market for November at £164/t rising next July to £169.50/t.

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And finally signs are emerging following on from the horsemeat scandal earlier on this year and the new pig breathalyser known as isotope testing that some of the major retailers are still looking for extra supplies of UK sourced stock and it will not be long before processors start to look for extra numbers to cover the Christmas period which may have the effect of tightening supplies still further in the run up to the end of the year.

This new “Stable Isotope Ratio Analysis” (SIRA) enables the country of origin of all pigmeat to be established and will greatly reduce those labelling mishaps which have occurred in the past. There is also less of a risk that parts of Shergar will appear in a pork pie.