East Anglia: Region leads way for M&A growth, says Experian Corpfin

THE value of merger and acquisition (M&A) deals in the UK increased last year despite the gathering economic gloom – with East Anglia seeing the biggest increase in the country.

Across the UK as a whole, the value of M&A deals during 2011 grew by 10.9% compared with the previous year, from �206.827billion to �229.401bn, according to figures compiled by Experian Corpfin.

But the value of deals in East Anglia jumped more than five-fold compared with 2010, from �2.274bn to �11.500bn.

The region also bucked the national trend in terms of the number of M&A deals during 2011, with an increase of 3.2%, from 221 to 228, against a slight fall of 2.3% across the UK as a whole, from 4,386 to 4,286.

The overall rise in value reflected an increase in large transactions, involving values of more than �100million, which were unchanged in terms of volume but up by 13% in value.

Wendy Smith, business development manager at Experian Corpfin, which is part of the global information services group Experian, said private equity deals had made a major contribution to the increase in value.

“A 20% increase in the volume of private equity backed buy-outs means that UK M&A deal activity has remained relatively robust in 2011, with a notable increase in the total value of deals – especially at the large end – against stable volumes,” she added.

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“There still appear to be good opportunities for investment and growth across the country.”

Elsewhere, volumes fell sharply in Europe, the United States and Asia, but the US did record a rise in value.