East Bergholt: Fargo rolls out software for tanker and bulk operators

SUFFOLK-based software company Fargo, which specialises in systems for the intermodal transport sector, is aiming to diversify beyond its core market in the container trade.

Having already set a standard for the UK container transport market, Fargo has worked closely with a number of clients to develop a range of tailored and flexible functions for operators transporting non-containerised materials.

Kevin Terrill, development director at Fargo, said: “It is crucial that the transport planner has full visibility of every movement required to carry out much larger orders, that perhaps span across several weeks and tens of journeys and vehicles. All the while the customer may only be interested in being billed for the one instruction given.”

Tariffs and invoicing play a significant part in the TOPS automation process and bulk, liquid, and unitised cargos are all fully catered for, together with different vehicle types, with tanker pot configurations and capacities being clearly definable, whether by weight, volume or quantity.

TOPS now also includes the abilty for full hazardous goods classifications to be stored and quickly retrieved by the system as well as allowing other CDG/ADR qualification checks as required.

Mr Terrill added: “It’s all about managing requested amounts and reconciling these with minimum quantities, actual checked and chargeable values.”

Fargo specialises in developing software systems for companies in the transport and shipping industries. Formed in 2002, the company is the UK market leader specialising in the container haulage industry, thanks to the original TOPS software, which manages three million container moves each year.